5 Ways to Pack Light For a Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of checking off something on my 2017 Summer Bucket List as I flew to San Diego. Yep, I packed my favorite boho-style jewelry and clothes for a total of three days in paradise. To this day, I still miss the ocean waves calling my name. Now, unlike most girls, I don't like packing too much. In fact, there were a few instances when someone had asked, "you guys don't have a luggage?" Nope. That's not how we roll. So the following are ways you can pack light and enjoy your weekend getaway.

1. Coordinate Your Clothes

On my trip, I brought one pair of shorts, one pair of pants, three tops, and one outerwear. Before coordinating your clothes, understand the weather patterns of the city. In my case, California was warm during the day and chilly at night. Then make sure all clothes you're bringing match with each other. Alternate their different combination just to make sure you're settling for those outfits.

2. Plan Your Accessories

I don't believe in dressing up without my collection of jewelry with me. So I took two watches, two bracelets, and rings. Of course, you can always pack a little bit more of this since they don't take up a lot of space. Still, be reasonable as you probably will not wear all of them for one whole weekend.

3. Get a Hotel With Featured Amenities

The hotel we had included complimentary laundry which was a nice touch especially if we needed clean clothes. Luckily, we didn't need it, but it's always good to be in a hotel that has that amenity just in case of emergency.

4. Grab Necessities at Your Vacation Spot

I'm never a big believer of hotel shampoos and conditioner because they tend to leave my hair dry. Instead, I used to bring my own which was a big hassle especially since I'm only gone for a few days. On this trip, we decided to go to the nearest Walgreens to purchase travel size necessities like toothpaste and hair products. Also, because we couldn't bring all of that to the plane, it was easy for us to let them go.

5. Shop For Clothes

Okay, this doesn't sound economical, but you're on vacation! Chances are, you're ready to spend your money on things you probably won't need. On my case, I actually shopped for a skirt to which I was able to wear for one of the nights I was in San Diego.


What are some things you do to pack light? 

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